Contracts drafting in civil and commercial law

We prepare documents that regulate all types of legal business in civil and commercial matters, such as:

  • Purchase and sale agreements of any type of goods
  • Real estate purchase and sale minutes
  • Contracts for sale and purchase of goods in general
  • Lease contracts
  • Brokerage contracts
  • Mortages
  • Companies incorporation
  • Company minutes preparation

Contracts are necessary to regulate in writing and in accordance with the law the respective business to be entered into.

Having a resource for a small company where minor and common procedures are handled quickly without so much bureaucracy and with a reasonable price and not with signature values, is a plus that almost no one offers. The fact that they are trustworthy people who simplify processes and procedures that would otherwise be costly for a small company, gives a lot of peace of mind.
I recommend MR Estudio Legal and I fully trust in the ethical, simple and in-depth management of both Lina and Nicolás. Their experience in robust firms gives certainty that the knowledge and resources they have at their disposal are reliable and comprehensive.
Aside from being professionals, they love the companies they work with and advise with empathy.

Helena Dávila McAllister

Hotel Casa Legado Manager

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