Success Stories

Having a resource for a small company where minor and common procedures are handled quickly without so much bureaucracy and with a reasonable price and not with signature values, is a plus that almost no one offers. The fact that they are trustworthy people who simplify processes and procedures that would otherwise be costly for a small company, gives a lot of peace of mind.
I recommend MR Estudio Legal and I fully trust in the ethical, simple and in-depth management of both Lina and Nicolás. Their experience in robust firms gives certainty that the knowledge and resources they have at their disposal are reliable and comprehensive.
Aside from being professionals, they love the companies they work with and advise with empathy.

Helena Dávila McAllister

Hotel Casa Legado Manager

Thanks to MR Estudio Legal, we were provided with legal advice to expedite the processes and get out of the problem according to the law, we had the best results.
I recommend them for their knowledge, good service and promptness in the development of the cases. MR Estudio Legal exceeded our expectations with their commitment, dedication and constant assistance.

Christian Berger


MR Estudio Legal is a serious and reliable firm. We hired them to handle several legal processes that were satisfactorily resolved. It is important to point out that we found excellent references about their experience and success stories. These were key elements in choosing them as our advisors. Their experience and reputation gave us security and confidence.
This firm knows the law and is up to date with the evolution of the legal system. If it is a consultation in the context of a judicial process, our concerns and doubts were resolved in a straightforward manner.
I recommend them, both for their expertise and for their commitment and compliance. Their great ability to understand their client's situation gives them a broad overview to implement strategies to solve legal issues quickly and efficiently.
MR Estudio Legal has led us to handle our matters from a conciliatory vision that has allowed us in many cases to avoid going to court.

Sara Arias

Mutual Construir Bienestar President

MR Estudio Legal was competent in solving my case. A team of warm, friendly, honest and professional people. I highly recommend them.

José Luis Duque


MR Estudio Legal did a complete job, with a detailed analysis of each of the issues. The personalized attention of its owners provided confidence, as well as their response and documents delivered efficiency.
I recommend the title search report, because it generates a detailed and professional analysis of the property.
The work team ratified the trust placed in them and fulfilled the expectations based on the recommendation made by the legal director of AR Construcciones S.A.S.
It is a responsible firm, it stamps its experience in the documents and have a personalized attention.

Juan David Baquero

Flormorado Legal Director

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