Title Search Report

What is Title Search Report?

It is the legal analysis of a property chain of tradition.

When and why I need a Title Search Report?

When you are going to acquire a property and you need to have the legal certainty that there is no legal problem putting at risk the ownership of the property or in case there is one, the legal solution can be shown in favor of the business.

We offer Title Search Reports for real estate in Colombia. We serve clients within Colombia and people abroad interested in acquiring a property within the Colombian territory.

Investment: from $1.000.000 COP per registration file analyzed. The cost may vary depending on the complexity and volume of information.

Study time: Each registration file takes a minimum of 5 business days to be analyzed.

MR Estudio Legal did a complete job, with a detailed analysis of each of the issues. The personalized attention of its owners provided confidence, as well as their response and documents delivered efficiency.
I recommend the title search report, because it generates a detailed and professional analysis of the property .
The work team ratified the trust placed in them and fulfilled the expectations based on the recommendation made by the legal director of AR Construcciones S.A.S.
It is a responsible firm, it stamps its experience in the documents and have a personalized attention.

Juan David Baquero

Flormorado Legal Director

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